“This project was delightful!”

– Kate Raudenbush, a contemporary artist

Nelia is an absolute dream to work with. She is a website doula. I found her work through a friend who highly recommended her & I could not be happier with my decision to hire her. From our very first intake conversation I knew that Nelia had a deep desire to understand both where I was coming from in my business & where I wanted to be in creating my companies website, her expert intuition and skill was able to bridge that gap for me and truly helped “birth” my website.

Since my business is a very personal offering, I have tremendous appreciation for her level of keen insight, mastery to see the big picture, ability to ground the abstract & patience to help me arrive at my desired blueprint for my future through the visual & linguistic communication of my website. Her grace, intelligence & capabilities extend beyond graphic designer to a deep psychological knowing of what her clients need in times of transition in one’s life & business. To Nelia, it’s obvious that graphic design is more than making something look pretty, it is a profound alchemy of visual communication that happens between two or more parties & I am so grateful for her ability to translate my ideas to reality.
— Eileen Moran, Architects of Experience, Founder

I worked with NV-Design during the preparation of our annual La Prairie Marketing Meeting, and we were impressed with the high quality of her work, the very fast turnaround in which she delivered it, and her unshakable work ethic.

Nelia created, finalized and elevated a number of key materials to our fullest satisfaction, employing an impressive degree of conceptual thinking and creativity, paired with a keen artistic eye and a deep understanding of the high-end aesthetics. It is worth mentioning that she did all of this under extremely tight timings, responding to multiple needs, requests and priorities, often staying late and being open to changes. I highly recommend Nelia to anyone in need of a graphic designer with a particularly developed sense of brand identity, aesthetics, and detail. It was a pleasure to have worked with her, and I hope to be able to work with her again in the future.
— Katrin Medrano, La Prairie Group


“This is so beautiful. We can't thank you enough!”

– Charlotte Cooper, Director of Marketing, Women's eNews

NV-Design has designed a beautiful card, and I am very happy with that!
— Peter Brakman, Owner, britelite